Kasey Tyndall

Kasey Tyndall

Her sweet southern charm is often rudely interrupted by an impressive collection of rock n roll t-shirts. AC/DC, Ramones and Guns n Roses crop tops preferably.

You can help me Mr. Dave, I have so many, she says looking with wide, innocent eyes toward her manager when pressed to quantify her collection. Stryper. I just went on tour with them, that was awesome. I wear my Stryper shirt a lot. Some of my other favorite shirts are Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell

Yes, she calls her manager Mr. Dave and her agent Mr. Jay thats kind of her thing, recognizable by anyone raised in the south. But she says their name with respect and reverence instead of the sass and flare one would expect from a girl who prefers leather and denim over dresses and heels, just like she prefers a rowdy crowd dancing on a bar top over a seated one golf-clapping after each song.

Dont be totally fooled Tyndall isnt a rocker hiding in a cowgirl town. Her Eastern North Carolina accent and penchant for aching love songs gives her away as a grounded country thoroughbred. The newly released Everything Is Texas is a heartbreak song so deep it nearly made the guy she wrote it about cry.

Each night on the road before playing “Everything Is Texas”, Kasey Tyndall tells the story behind the song and how the guy she loved, a Texas-native, just disappeared on her. No explanation – just up and left. His face I almost felt bad for him, she says with guilty laughter as she recalls the night he turned up in her crowd and planted himself front row.

The heartfelt song was penned with the help of Lena Stone and Lainey Wilson.

Tyndalls journey to Nashville was accelerated in 2014 when she won a radio station contest to sing We Were Us with Keith Urban. Opportunities came quickly after that late summer performance, including signing with WMEs Jay Williams for booking (Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton, Dierks Bentley). The then college student was greener than new money when she moved to Music City during her first co-write she had no idea she was working with Doug Johnson (Randy Travis, Lee Brice, Rascal Flatts) until he stepped away and the other writer in the room, Nick Autry, said, Do you know who that is?

Anyone thats big I get super nervous, Tyndall says, the anxiety flushing her face even as she thinks about writing with some of the veterans and legends shes sat down with. Shes has opportunity to be nervous a lot lately. Neil Mason from The Cadillac Three, Driver Williams from Eric Churchs band and Tommy Cecil are a few of the seasoned writers shes worked with. A publishing deal with Sony ATV promises to bring more top-end talent to her door. After working with her, Cecil (Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, North Carolinas Parmalee) agreed to produce her EP..

During a song like Who I Aint, a song on Tyndall’s upcoming EP, the fire inside this fast-rising singer breaks containment. Between songs and offstage, Tyndall couldnt be more approachable. Shes quiet, but increasingly confident about who she is, and who she aint. I wasnt the prettiest or most popular or anywhere remotely close to that, she says recalling high school. Her multiplying fan base appreciates this and her rock anthems have become their anthem.

You get on social media and you see society saying Thats what you should look like. I instead wanna be a voice of Hey its totally OK who you are, just like you are Im excited to not be the prettiest country singer on the circuit.

Tyndall did over 100 tour dates in 2016, doing runs with the likes of Kane Brown, Granger Smith, Casey Donahew, and The Cadillac Three… and there appears to be no slowing down in 2017. As Tyndall explains,I love to sing and perform and Im thankful for anyone who wants to listen. Its almost like my fans and I have this team. Its kinda the Be who you are team. And Im blessed to have the best team in the world.